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a whole new obsession: claiming

Just wanted to first say that kaelakaelakaelaand I now run an awesome claiming community called is_all_mineso go check it out! Also, if you want to affiliate with us, please let one of us know!!

Speaking of claiming, here are the claims I've made so far. Looks like I'm going to be addicted to this like I'm addicted to stamping haha!


♥ ♥ I claimed Alan Rickman and Severus Snape as my Soulmates @ soulmate_claims! ♥ ♥
I claimed Harry Potter, Alan Rickman, Jimmy Page, and Barack Obama at is_all_mine
I claimed Severus Snape at claimand ismytruelove
I claimed Dexy's Midnight Runners at claim_a_band
I claimed The Big Lebowski and Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix at claimyourmovie
I claimed Daniel Radcliffe at claim_ur_celeb
I claimed Severus Snape's wand, Lily Potter, and Gryffindor Quidditch team at hp_claiming
I claimed Frasier and Dancing With the Stars at claima_show
I claimed Lita's Theme Song and The Pedigree at _wwe_claims_
I claimed Oliver Wood at is_my_bf
I claimed J.K. Rowling as my BFF at idk_my_bff
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