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disco ball

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friends only

nicole | 23 | gryffinpuff
i love making new friends, so feel free to add!
comment first, please ♥

Name: Nicole
Birthday: September 1, 1990
Location: Utah
Zodiac: Virgo

I am an: INFJ | Harmony-Seeking Idealist | Enneagram Type 2 | Benevolent Creator | Aura Color: Blue (Emotional) | Aura Color: Yellow (Physical)

I'm most often stamped as Jasmine (Aladdin), Belle (Beauty and the Beast), Tinkerbell (Peter Pan) Ginny Weasley (Harry Potter), Marianne Dashwood (Sense and Sensibility), Anya (Anastasia), Kiara (The Lion King 2), and Aphrodite. My stamp posts with all my stamps are in the links section below.

Stamps (1) Stamps (2) | Claims | The ____ to my ____ | Twitter | Facebook

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I'm schmaltzyyy's sister and I've been meaning to add you! I was stamped as Belle, Jasmine and Aphrodite before. I'm also a Spontaneous Idealist! So friends? ♥

Ooh yes! I was actually meaning to add you too!

That's awesome that you got stamped as them too AND you're a Spontaneous Idealist...I think we are going to get along well haha! :)

Uh huh, I think so too! ♥

(Deleted comment)
Aw, thank you! And yes, definitely! :)

Hi! can we be friends. We have some mutual friends.

Sure! Adding you right now. :)

Hey I've seen you around stamping communities and I'd love to be LJ buddies! :o)

Ooh I would love to as well! Adding you right now. :)

(Deleted comment)
Yep, you got it right! And of course, I'd love to be friends! Adding you back right now. :)

Heyyyyyy! I've been seeing you, like, ALL OVER, and you seem like a great person! (Wow! Most in-depth intro page I've EVER seen!) Friends?

PS I think Snape's awesome too ^^ - he was very brave

That's so weird, I've been thinking about friending you too because I really do see you EVERYWHERE. Yes, definitely friends! You seem like a great person too! :)

WOOOO well if you think Snape is awesome, then we are definitely going to be good friends haha! ♥

Hello Nicole!

We are like in every stamping comm together and we seem to have a lot of things in common (except that you dislike Bellatrix :P ) and you seem like a great person!

May I add you?


Ooh yes definitely! I'd love to be friends! :)

Adding you now. :D

I have to say -- you're really pretty :) This was really great to read and gave me a nice insight into you as a person :D

Aw, thank you so much! :) That just made my day!

You're beautiful and adorable and I loved reading this :)

:) :) :) You are SO sweet, thank you so much! ♥

I'm an ENTP, Type 7 enneagram, followed by types 3 & 5, and I am an animated inventor =D

That's SO weird because I knew your app at tv_stamping sounded familiar! I didn't even look at the name but your traits were so familiar....and no wonder haha! Of course I'll add you! :)

(Deleted comment)
Aw, thanks! I'd love to be friends...adding you now! :)

Hi! I seen all of over stamping communities and I was wondering if we could be friends? :D

Yes, definitely!! I was thinking about adding you too because I see you everywhere and I know we have a lot of mutual friends.

Adding right now! :)

Hi Nicole :) I've noticed you around alot of the stamping communities. We seem to have some common interests like Harry Potter, Sense & Sensibility, Music, Disney, etc :)
I'm a HUGE Alan Rickman fan. Every movie in which Alan has a role were amazing, but my favorites are Severus Snape (of course) and Colonel Brandon! The scene when Brandon was reading a poem to Marianne. Oh, sooo romantic. Alan is so perfect as the Colonel and no words can describe how great he was as Snape.

I think we'd get along well, plus you seem really sweet :)

:O How were we not friends earlier?? I totally agree with you about Alan Rickman- my favorite roles of his were definitely Snape and Colonel Brandon! I get stamped as Marianne a lot so naturally I was like OMG I LOVE COLONEL BRANDON haha. And the part with the poem was so cute!

You seem really sweet too so I would love to be friends! Adding you right now. :)

Hey Nicole ,you seem nice , you have a super taste in music , and you like almost famous , im kindda obsessed with that movie , anyway if you're interested in reading the life of a girl who lives in the other corner of the world , i'll be glad to be your friend !!

Sure! And omg, I'm kinda obsessed with that movie too...it's one of the best I've ever seen!

Adding you now. :D

1. I think you're really pretty ;D
2. I think you're an awesome person, and a sweet one as well, according to Kaela and my own observations round HiH <3
3. I'm so glad that we're gonna be penpals :)

Aw, thank you so much!! I'm really excited for us to be pen pals too. Also, I'm adding you as a friend right now. :)

I just added you because a few weeks ago we discovered that we were both lily/severus fans! Also, I was really sick and didn't really read your reply to my comment until like now lol.
we are almost the same age (only a few months apart)
we both love harry potter (wooo HiH)
we have a super lot of musical interest overlap
i also hate many of the things you hate

I don't know why I thought I needed to make such a ridiculous list... :)

Haha no worries! And yay for being Lily/Severus fans!! :)

Also, with all those things in common how could we not be friends?? Adding you back right now. :D

Dude, I need to add you XD

And also, how in the proverbial fucking world do you make a sticky post that gives people information about you? XD Does my LJ do that? XD I tried once, but I believe I failed |D

Yes, do add me! I added you a while back, I believe. :)

Okay, to make a post like this you just write it all out and then at the top where it has the date and click on "edit", then check the box that says "date out of order" and put in a date far away in the future so it will always be on the top of your journal. That oughta do it!

Hii Nichole! <3 this is Ella (pockichu) with a new account~ can you add me back? :D

I'm very late, but I'm adding you from the Hogsmeade friending meme. This is the most detailed friends only post I've ever seen, haha. Tons of love for Dexter and Snape, and we have lots of music in common. Also now I kind of want to go take all those personality tests just to see what I am. I love those things.

Ooh okay, awesome! I'll definitely add you back. :) I think we will get along great if you love Dexter and Snape because those are two of my most favorite people ever, haha. Also, you should do those tests...they are so fun and addicting!

(Deleted comment)
I will definitely add you again! This is honestly the first time I have logged in here in seriously months because I have also dropped off the face of the earth (at least the LJ part of it, haha). I want to try to start being more active but I can't promise anything so you might not see anything from me for a little while...but I will still add you again of course! How have you been??

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