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the _____ to my _____ ! ♥
disco ball

Okay, so here's the official "_____ to my _____" post:

amethysth is the horse to my Daniel Radcliffe!
cherryice578437 is the Hermione to my Ginny!
uberta is the John Lennon to my Paul McCartney, the Sophie to my Anya, the Fairy Mary to my Tinkerbell, and the Emma Thompson to my Alan Rickman!
starlord is the Mr. Pink to my Mr. White, the O-Ren Ishii to my Beatrix Kiddo, and the Barty Crouch, Jr. to my Severus Snape!
crucioed/iamthesea is the Vic Vega to my Vince Vega, the Budd to my Bill, and the Tulio to my Miguel!
cullendiggory is the Ron Weasley to my Harry Potter!
daisyulliel is the Annie to my Finnick and the Giselle to my Nancy!
disneygirl89 is the Hebe to my Aphrodite, the Nala to my Kiara, and the Audrey Hepburn to my Rita Hayworth!
happylicious91 is the Cristina to my Meredith, the Izzie to my George, the Mark to my Derek, and also the Grumpy to my Happy!
kaelakaelakaela is the Elton John to my Paul McCartney, also the Ron Weasley to my Harry Potter, and the Rupert Grint to my Alan Rickman!
kaysoul is the Aladdin to my Jasmine, the EVE to my WALL-E, the Thumper to my Faline, and the Godric Gryffindor to my Helga Hufflepuff!
larbasaur is the Luna to my Ginny, also the Aladdin to my Jasmine, and the Phoebe to my Rachel!
end1essly is the peanut butter to my jelly, and the Draco to my Hermione!
quiescent is the fangirl to my Alan, and the Snape to my Lily!
rvillarrubia is the Bellatrix/Narcissa to my Ginny!
salveevery1 is the Ariel to my Jasmine and the Susan to my Lucy!
seesnapefly is the Piglet to my Pooh and also the Grumpy to my Happy!
sweetthumbelina  is the Bambi to my Faline, Snow White to my Happy, Lexie Grey to my Meredith Grey, Rosetta to my Tinkerbell, and baseball to my catcher!
tunnels_of_loce is the Sabrina Fairchild to my Gabrielle Simpson, the Will Turner to my Elizabeth Swann, and the Chien-Po to my Ling, and the Silvermist to my Tinkerbell!

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Paul to my Elton!
Harry to my Ron!
Alan Rickman to my Rupert Grint

Yay!!! Those are all very good ones! I shall add them right now!

John Lennon to your Paul McCartney!
Sophie to your Anya!
Fairy Mary to your Tinker Bell!
Emma Thompson to your Alan Rickman!

Too much?

Definitely not too much!! I love all of these! Adding them right now. :)

Yay! Don't forget, I've added you as a friend here!

Me too! We're officially LJ friends now haha :)

You have to actually add me all the way for me to read your locked entries.


Oh I thought I had but I guess I hadn't haha, NOW we are offically LJ friends! :)

You are the Aphrodite to my Hebe!
You are the Kiara to my Nala!
You are the Rita Hayworth to my Audrey Hepburn!

OMG those are good ones!!! Definitely adding them right away! :)

Took my ages to think of a couple (that wasn't taken) made sense. How about:
You are the Happy to my Grumpy!

Okay! That one's taken too, I think, but we also have the Grey's ones so it's okay. :)

The Tulio to your Miguel! :D

Omg I love it!! Haha that's a really good one! Adding right now. :)

i'm Susan to your Lucy! :D
i'm Ariel to your Jasmine
(I looked at your stamps lol! :))

I was thinking of a political one, but couldn't come up with anything good...yet :P lol!

Okay, adding right now! :)

(Deleted comment)
OOH I like it!! Adding right now! :D

I was going to say you are the Ginny to my Bellatrix but I realize I can't chose between Bella and Narcissa... So, both? ^_^

AH I'm so sorry, I must have totally missed this comment! Yes, of course that is fine, I will add it right now! :D

Can I be the Annie to your Finnick? I know you haven't gotten stamped yet, but hehe we both know you will be getting Finnick ;) And anything else - if you can think of any!

Yes, of course!! And for another one, how about...the Nancy to your Giselle? :D

Of course! :D Adding that too ♥

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