disco ball

she's mad, but she's magic

there's no lie in her fire

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claims list
rickman 2
Martin Luther King, Jr. is mine at [info]find_and_keep (Historical Heroes)
I claimed Tinkerbell at find_and_keep  ★★ (Animated Characters)
Alan Rickman is all mine at find_and_keep  ♥ (Modern Actors)
Severus/Hermione is my OTP at find_and_keep  ❤ (OTP)
Electric Lime is my color at find_and_keep (Colors)
Dan Brown is my author at find_and_keep  ✍ (Authors)
Allie/Noah (The Notebook) and Colonel Brandon/Marianne Dashwood (S&S) are my couples at find_and_keep  (Fictional Couples)
Emma Thompson is all mine at find_and_keep  (Modern Actresses)
Dexter is my TV show at find_and_keep  ◄ (TV Shows)
Utah Jazz are my team at find_and_keep  ○ (Sports Teams)
Marianne Dashwood is my book character at find_and_keep  (Book Characters)
Amethyst is my rock/gem/crystal at find_and_keep  ♦ (Gemstones)
Deb/Lundy (Dexter) is my TV couple at find_and_keep  (TV Couples)
Severus Snape's Wand is mine at find_and_keep ☚ (Fictional Items)
Shooting stars are mine at find_and_keep ☁ (Stars/Constellations)
The Harlem Renaissance in the United States during 1920s-30s is mine at find_and_keep  (Eras/Events)
Dexter Morgan is mine at find_and_keep ★ (TV Characters)
"Tangerine" by Led Zeppelin is mine at find_and_keep ♪ (Songs)
Ireland's Cliffs of Moher are mine at find_and_keep ☗ (Land Masses)
Number 12, Grimmauld Place is mine at find_and_keep ☜ (Fictional Locations)
♥♥ Castle + Beckett + Ryan + Esposito (Castle) is my ot4 at find_and_keep ♥♥ (OT4)
Interior Design is mine at find_and_keep (Majors)
Dexter; "The Getaway" is mine at find_and_keep (TV Episodes)
James T. Kirk (Star Trek) + Kate Beckett (Castle) is my crossover pairing at find_and_keep
Collins (Rent) is my stage show character at find_and_keep
Severus Snape's Death is mine at find_and_keep (Death Scenes)
Alexander McQueen is mine at find_and_keep ✂ (Fashion Designers)
Historical Romance is mine at find_and_keep (Book Genres)
Étaín is mine at find_and_keep (Folklore)
Lara Croft is mine at find_and_keep (Game Characters)
Christmas is my mine at find_and_keep (Calendar Events)
Led Zeppelin is mine at find_and_keep   (Bands)
Kirk + Spock + McCoy (Star Trek) is my ot3 find_and_keep (OT3)
MSNBC is mine at find_and_keep (TV Channels)
Galway, Ireland is mine at find_and_keep (Cities)
Aphrodite is mine at find_and_keep   (Greek Mythology)
Vera Wang Princess is mine at find_and_keep (Fragrances)
Penny Lane is mine at find_and_keep (Movie Characters)
Bleeding Hearts are mine at find_and_keep ✻ (Flowers)

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Amethyst <3

Edited at 2011-03-08 10:17 pm (UTC)

I've loved amethyst since I was little...I always thought it was the prettiest color so I was glad that nobody had claimed it! :)

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