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promotion tiiiime!
jasmine 2

Hey everyone! Promotion time haha...I know you've probably seen this from a few people (or you're already a member), but you should all join this new BA comm called disneyverse!


It's a really fun community with all sorts of challenges related to Disney! There are three teams- Team Pixar, Team Classics, and Team Renaissance (but you're going to want to ask for Team Pixar, of course! :D). Also, tell them that nicolle_016 sent you! ♥

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Whoo team pixarrrrr! :D


Everyone wants to join Team Classics!! That's where it's at.

I believe you meant to say Team Pixar is where it's at. ;)

Team Classics is better. :P

Just keep thinking that, m'dear! ;)

just joined!!! :) I put down "I love all the teams!" so i'm not sure who i'll get yet heehee ;)

Well hopefully you get to be on the best team ever- aka Team Pixar! :D

YES, YES WE ARE! I'm realizing that I need a Pixar-related icon so when I talk about Pixar's bamfiness I can also add the icon as well hahaha

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